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Next Of Kin Handmade

Townsville, Queensland
Regionally Based


Created and run by mother/daughter duo, Fiona and Suzanne, Next of Kin is a pottery studio that is all about handmade goodness, slow moments and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Their handcrafted ceramic cups, mugs and incense holders are designed to encourage moving away from fast-paced consumption and towards wholesome little chunks of time that really feed the soul.

It's a brand that cares about the little things; about morning rituals and taking a step back from our crazy busy lives to really wrap ourselves up in that first warm sip of the day.

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A dedication to slow living, conscious consumption and family.

Fiona is the true artist behind the brand - with over 40 years experience in ceramics and a Fine Arts Degree from Wolverhampton Polytechnic in England, she handcrafts and stoneware fires every single Next of Kin piece.

Suzanne is a graphic designer with a love of all things good-for-the-soul - she is in charge of the creative direction of the brand.