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Sydney, NSW

At the heart of MILLA MILLA fragrances are exquisite botanicals that have been carefully chosen to hero the native flora of Australia. Drawing inspiration from its unique landscapes, sounds, smells and feelings, MILLA MILLA creates fragrances that capture pieces of our beautiful country.

All of their fragrances are vegan, gender-neutral and handmade and bottled in small batches on Gadigal Land - Sydney. Packaging is ethically and consciously sourced and is 100% recyclable and / or compostable.

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Celebrating Australia’s native flora.

MILLA MILLA was founded by Camilla and Scott Kirby, who share a deep appreciation for Australia and its distinctive landscape. Interlacing Camilla’s love for flowers and essential oils, in particular native botanicals, and Scott’s eye for ethical and considered design, they dreamt of creating a brand that would both celebrate and give back to the land we live on.

Camilla’s background in creative fields, holistic health and operations, and Scott’s 20 year architecture and design career, led them to embark on the journey of creating a fragrance range that captured pieces of Australia.

The name "MILLA MILLA" pays tribute to both Camilla's name and one of her favourite Australian native flowers, Mulla Mulla.