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Maisey & Oscar

Melbourne, Victoria

Australia’s favourite body positive homewares brand, founded in 2019 by brain cancer thriver Jaime Hall. They’re strong believers in body positivity and wanna bring those good vibes into your home ✨

They’re kind, they’re sassy and they love to make people feel good. Whether that's you or a friend, a lover or a partner, Maisey & Oscar think everyone deserves a daily reminder of how great they are.

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Body positivity meets kick-ass homewares

Body positivity is at the heart of our brand. We believe that no matter what is happening, inside or out, you're just as brilliant and worthwhile as the person standing next to you.

My vision was to create something that would make people stop and think about their bodies in a positive way. All bodies are good bodies, and everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.”

- Jaime, founder