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House of Tom Whitty

Melbourne, Victoria
For more than 20 years, Melbourne-based artist Tom Whitty has lived a double life. During the day, he has been an award-winning journalist, best known for running The Project and co-writing Waleed Aly's viral rants. At night, under the cover of darkness, Whitty adorned his city’s walls with vibrant street art referencing the people, politics and pop culture of his community. 

While Whitty’s art has been used to raise awareness for various causes and funds for vulnerable communities, only recently has he begun releasing gorgeous limited edition works for sale through his new store, House of Tom Whitty. 
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It’s not just art for Tom Whitty.

When Whitty isn’t creating contemporary art, he is an award-winning journalist, television producer, and activist, having used multiple national platforms to champion the rights of various vulnerable communities within Australia.