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Gini Maya

Melbourne, Victoria

Handmade in Melbourne, Gini Maya brings Sri Lankan inspired flavours and a magical fiery punch to the chilli oil market. A play on the Sinhala word for fiery (ginimaya), ‘gini’ refers to fire while ‘maya’ translates to magic or illusion in Sanskrit. It's about bewildering your perceptions.

The chilli oil is flavoured with onions, garlic, shallots, ginger, curry leaves and a unique Gini Maya spice blend. Expect a chilli oil, not a chilli crisp or crunch. Drizzle everywhere, like on avo on toast, rice and noodles, or give it a whirl on ice cream.

Gini Maya's handmade island fire will ignite your tastebuds and kitchen in more ways than one.

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