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Sydney, NSW

foldUP's innovative Movement Mat™ is a game-changer for modern movers - lightweight, portable, and extra thick for superior body support. With an exclusive design, foldUP offers a unique solution for sore knees and bulky mats, making movement rituals comfortable on and off the mat. 

Through innovative design, an inclusive community, and a commitment to solving problems, foldUP supports individual exploration and encourages every body to move in a way that feels good - whatever that looks like to you.

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For Fitness, Leisure & Travel

foldUP is a pleasure project of Elle Kiffer, a Melbourne-based yoga instructor who views her movement rituals as a time to switch off and feel good.

After spending years teaching yoga at various studios across Melbourne, Elle noted the inconvenience of transporting her mat to and from the studio. Surely there was a better way?

I’m a fan of all kinds of movement, and this mat has been tried and tested to support them all. My mission is to elevate your current movement routine and encourage you to feel excited to unfold your mat, wherever that may be.”

- Elle, founder