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Chow Cacao

Byron Bay, NSW
Regionally Based

Introducing real sweet treats made by a couple of real sweet tooths in Byron Bay -a team proud to make chocolate that’s good for you, your soul and the planet. Can’t argue with that, right?

It’s not just any chocolate - Chow Cacao champions plant based, organic and sustainable ingredients like fairtrade, organic cacao from Peru and organic coconut sugar from Indonesia, which form the heart of each and every creation at Chow Cacao.

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From packaging to peanut slabs, everything is plant based.

As lovers of nostalgic flavours, Chow Cacao takes extra care to develop each plant-based chocolates, adding delicious and ethical ingredients with the perfect taste and texture.

They then wrap them in 100% plant-based and home compostable packaging to reduce their overall environmental footprint. It’s simply good tasting, good quality chocolate made by good people.