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Melbourne, Victoria


Like all great, dysfunctional things StrangeLove started in Byron Bay in 2012. Their original mission was to not be unemployed. Their secondary mission was to create exciting & interesting non-alcoholic drinks. Drinks with big flavours and great packaging, that didn’t taste like the colour blue.

Starting from a single Ginger Beer in 2012, StrangeLove has continued to innovate over its ten-year drink journey and now offers a comprehensive collection of Australian premium drinks, spanning across craft mixers for craft spirits, Lo-Cal Sodas, still, sparkling and infused mineral waters, and dehydrated cocktail garnishes.

StrangeLoves focus on quality, local ingredients, and exploring interesting eclectic flavours has seen them go from strength to strength and gain notoriety in some of Australia's best bars, restaurants, distilleries and culinary circles.

Re-invigorate tired tastebuds and try some today.

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