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Sea Shepherd Australia

Melbourne, Victoria
Social Impact

Sea Shepherd Australia exists to defend, conserve and protect threatened species and habitats through direct action for the ocean, in Australia & globally.

You can directly support Sea Shepherd Australia in their mission by donating or by purchasing their gear, all of which has been created using the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards.

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Key Areas of Direct Action:

Supporting Vulnerable Species

Undertaking large scale conservation of our vulnerable Australian marine species. Working with government agencies, scientific bodies and aligned conservation organisations to ensure that no marine animal becomes endangered or extinct.

Protecting Threatened Habitats

Pioneering work to conserve and protect our threatened Australian and South Pacific coastal habitats. Together with First Nations communities, they clear beaches of ocean debris and pollution, giving native animals and plants a chance to return these unique places.

Defending our ocean from illegal fishing

Supporting the global Sea Shepherd fleet, to defend the ocean against illegal fishing, and the resulting destruction and depletion of by-catch and marine species.